My Mom

The best person in my life is my mother! She is an amazing person. She always motivates me to do things. She made me live a better life. She was a big influencer in Russia and she was earning a lot of money and everyone loved her but she left because she knew that for me and my brother the better life would happen here in the United States!

My mom was a big influencer is Russia. But she sacrificed it for my brother and me. She did everything she could to make us have a better future and i am very thankful to her for doing that! She struggled so much to go to USA and now she is struggling with language and she cant do what she could in Russia. She did everything to make my future a better thing!

How I Feel About Online Learning

Remote learning is trash.  It is impossible to focus . You cant talk to your friends. Also you cant get any help from your teachers.

Its hard to focus online, and have good grades! There is a whole bunch of distractions etc. your friends, games and everything else! Its also hard because you do not have a motivation to pay attention, like in school you just sit in class and do what teacher tells you to do, but at home it feel like it is optional when its actually not, also there is a whole bunch of misunderstanding which really puts you down so you don’t want to do anything.

You cant talk to your friends. Its really sad and demotivates you. you cannot talk to people and ask them for help. You cannot see what people are doing because your at home. If you miss something there is no one to help you understand what you missed.

You cant get help from your teachers. At home there is no one to help you understand what you have to do. There is no one to correct you and check your work. There is no one to talk about your assignment. Everything basically gets boring.

Online learning is not good. There is no way to get help from teachers, no way to have fun with friends and its really hard to focus. That’s why i hope online learning will end soon.